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The actual history of Nucleus Village

A formula for stable prosperous  growth: the nucleus villages expand and leverage the resources of a country to benefit the people (Use the Village Images from Google slides) The Agri-Village is the engine to green light a region’s shift from AID to Economic development.  A proven self-sufficient, safe village, creating abundance for local and export…

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What is the Big Question

How do we elevate millions of lives to give citizens a better future? BES is funding the Goddess Temple and the UNIFYING ritual to restore our bond with Nature… in effect that is the most important thing we are doing this year… VISION & MISSION Our Mission is to empower Communities, Tribes and Kingdoms to…

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According to the World Bank, while Indigenous Peoples own, occupy, or use a quarter of the world’s surface area, they safeguard 80 percent of its remaining biodiversity, and some of the most biologically important lands and waters are intact as a result of Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship. Their knowledge and expertise on how to adapt, mitigate,…

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