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world indigenous Forum


Our World Indigenous Forum UNITES the wisdom of indigenous and global leaders, to accelerate solutions that maximise the benefits for the people, partners and the planet.  Today, there are 476 million indigenous people across 90 nations representing a mammoth global trading partner with the collective power to shift policy.  With our wisdom council of Indigenous Elders we are aligning the consciousness, trust and development plans of the world’s greatest solutions to develop the Ashanti Kingdom and Karamoja regions in Africa for the people.

In the last twelve years our founders have fought to give a voice and a share to people in their own economic systems.  We have attracted partners who seek to build blueprints for more dignified societies, ones that are built on increasing the quality of life for the people. We prioritise development according to the needs of the citizens, according to their own terms.

We believe there is a formula for a better society, one that was based on sound economic and spiritual values.  We believe that civilizations are like equations, needing precise combinations of partners and values to make them succeed. We believe there are pillars upon which the people can vote in solutions that align with thee values most important to them


Because we are all interconnected, despite countries and boundaries and the confusion of narratives to separate us; humanity is interlinked; the erosion of biodiversity in one region affects the food supply in another country, a war outbreaking determines the soaring prices in another, famines and climate changes appear on the same body that is earth and unless we see ourselves and act as part of it we will all suffer the consequences.

We are establishing a healthy and harmonious future for our descendants, which begins spirit first.  We place at the center of all we do the values and principles of our indigenous roots and traditional wisdoms, that have been the accumulated wisdom of our past civilizations; thus enhancing the modern development tools with virtue, we wish to bring back a wholesome integrative approach that is built on seeing ourselves as entwined with.  We are attracting partners and investors who want Communities, Tribes and Kingdoms to have access to their own wealth to build their civilizations with economic freedom and social dignity.

Thank you for joining us on this journey.

Together we rise!

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