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The Problem


What is the formula for a society that maximizes the quality of life for the greatest number of people?


World Indigenous Forum


We believe the future of humanity’s success is in building enlightened societies. Our formula… we start by people having a voice and a share in their own economic systems

Dignified Society

This is built on increasing the quality of life for people, and then multiplying that value by unlocking a country’s resources. We prioritise development according to the needs of the people, according to their own terms

Endless Possibilities

Our lands are rich our people are deprived and there is no sense to this apart from an archaic calculated system that placed our wealth in the hands of others

Engine of East Africa

Karamoja is a region where our formula can enable 1.2 million people to shift from famine, to agriculture, to abundant nucleus villages, that give them access to their natural wealth.


Our Vision. We believe the future of humanity’s success is in building enlightened societies. Our formula… we start by people having a voice and a share in their own economic systems.


Our Mission is to empower Communities, Tribes and Kingdoms with the leading project blueprints to build their societies with economic freedom and social dignity.  We are uniting as a coalition around a vision to better the lives of millions of citizens, starting with food abundance & communities in Africa

Who Do We Serve?

The People.  We are a coalition of societal impact stakeholders from various walks of life, mainly of indigenous origins, who are constantly improving a formula to maximise the benefits for the people.  We scale the most impactful projects as measured by the values of the people we serve..

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“US $5.6 Billion for regional development projects, impacting over 7 million lives…” KPMG

Capital - Euro

Together with our conscious investors we have a formula that maximises returns for the people, partners and investors.

Development Roadmap

On May 1st 2024, BES invested into Ayeya to support this noble mission and scale their Evergreen Blueprint to more people and communities.  Ayeya will be the first organisation to be awarded Evergreen Certification by the World Indigenous Forum’s at our Q1 event in 2025.  An Evergreen model cycles the wealth creation to benefit more people and grow, the Founder -Olowo-n’djo Tchala has grown his model from 17 women farmers 20 years ago to over 250,000 women farmers and their families.

In order to achieve human dignity and sustainable future for all communities around the world, those of us who are able, have a moral responsibility to uplift the disadvantaged” Olowo-n’djo Tchala

  • For 20 years Olowo-n’djo has pioneered impact supply chain models bridging West Africa direct sourcing and North American retail markets.
  • His team has organized an on-the-ground shea harvester network and raw material value-add program that engages 250,000 women farmers directly in Ghana and Togo
  • Olowo-n’djo has built an iconic brand, Alaffia, which has grown to $50m/year and is the #1 health and beauty brand at Whole Foods nationally. He then launched Ayéya launched driving distinct product and category verticals to drive greater demand for the added-value raw materials in his West Africa supply chains in order to further scale the work on the ground.

Supporting African communities of women with sustainable wages & employment to break the cycles of economic injustice and gender inequality..

AgroMax Community Development is Pioneering Sustainable Agriculture & Community Development in the core regions where BES is operating to maximise the quality of life for the people on the ground.

Decades of experience have equipped AgroMax with deep insights into Uganda’s diverse agricultural landscapes, particularly in Karamoja. Here, our targeted projects reflect our expertise and commitment to:
.*Community Engagement & Ownership
*Sustainable Agricultural Practices
*Financial Literacy and Independence
*Mindset change & Holistic Approach

In order to build societies that maximise the quality of life for the people, we select project partners that have a proven track record. We are focused in two key regions, the Ashanti Kingdom in Ghana and Karamoja in Uganda.

Conscious capital can unite with us on the journey of wealth stewardship to maximise the benefits for the people.

Pre-project investment is used to assess resources and capabilities and develop an economic development plan specific to the region and the values of the people.

Indigenous people are those who live according to the ancestral methods of their people, placing nature as the highest power to emulate.  They are the original settlers of the land. 

Custodians of 80% of the world’s remaining land biodiversity

Living across 25% of the world’s land & Stewards of 30% of its natural resources.  If anything; indigenous people are the dormant power of this world, leading the way to economic and social enlightenment:

According to the World Bank, while Indigenous Peoples own, occupy, or use a quarter of the world’s surface area, they safeguard 80 percent of its remaining biodiversity, and some of the most biologically important lands and waters are intact as a result of Indigenous Peoples’ stewardship.

Their knowledge and expertise on how to adapt, mitigate, and reduce risks from climate change and natural disasters are considered vital. Adequately responding to these challenges requires considering Indigenous Peoples as fundamental stakeholders and important partners in the development process.

The People are poor but their countries are rich… as if by design…

Despite vast indigenous resource wealth, there is no access to capital, based on their own value systems.  The current value systems around resources are destroying our future: “…we must accept that societal collapse on a global scale is now inevitable – humanity is headed for starvation, destruction, migration, disease and War” on an unprecedented scale. We must find a better formula for stewarding our wealth to build enlightened societies

Through the World Indigenous Forum we convene the world’s leading partners in collaboration with regional leaders and communities.  In Karamoja we are supporting the region to transition from Famine to Abundance, success here in the Engine of East Africa enables other surrounding regions and countries that form part of this tribe’s historical identity to replicate the model.  Through this model we are able to de-risk for investors and attract the best partners in the world into a coalition that offers scalability and places the people first.

WIF partnered with Africa House this year at the World Economic Forum at Davos 2024