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AgroMax in Uganda has trained 28,000 youth and built a community of 370 families (2,000 people) based on sustainable agricultural practices, forming a nucleus of development that can lift the region from pain to prosperity.

Our KPMG Prospectus for Karamoja:

“In Phase I, the Nucleus Village (cluster of farming villages and families) mechanism will be pursued as the key engine to underwrite the region’s shift from aid to equitable economic development. It is a proven self‐sufficient; safe village; creating abundance for local and export economies; sustainably funding social challenges, as well as educating and caring for the children of the community. The Nucleus Village facilitates scaling of the world’s leading solutions at a local level. The Nucleus Village will be supported by intervention of institutional quality partners (Commercial Enterprises, Impact Investors, Philanthropists and Advisors) in each sector especially energy and mineral resources, agriculture, industry, health and education to unlock the vast resource wealth of Karamoja Region to achieve an equitable share that drives growth for the people.”

Nucleus Village

A formula for stable prosperous growth: the nucleus villages expand and leverage the resources of a country to benefit the people (Use the Village Images from Google slides)

• The Agri-Village is the engine to green light a region’s shift from AID to Economic development.
• A proven self-sufficient, safe village, creating abundance for local and export economies.

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